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  • As you leave Malaga airport one sign certainly stands out and that is ‘Welcome to Costa del Golf’.  With over 70 golf courses and the Expats obsession with the glorious climate, the sport of golf and of course the sun-drenched and social lifestyle that compliments it, the multitude of courses have now become been a paradise for developers and investors alike to target the key areas surrounding them and increase their capital growth fivefold.
    Estepona Golf Real Estate investment
    Starting with Estepona Golf which is certainly the most recent jewels in the crown for investors looking to capitalize on the redevelopment of the area as Estepona Golf now regarded as one of the most affordable golf courses among players who want to only pay 50 or 60 Euros a round rather than 100 at other more prestigious courses.  For visitor’s residents and casual golfers it is the perfect course to relish their passion of the sport. Subsequently Estepona Golf has now been firmly established as one of the favoured courses amongst the golfing fraternity even those with sizeable wallets.  Developers have been quick to seize on this opportunity with regards to construction of new builds, finishing construction on various developments that never reached completion due to the recession of 2006 where many developers went bankrupt.  Subsequently there have now been a number of recent developments and attractions being built within the area.  Firstly there has been the construction of the Crystal Lagoon on a development at the back of Estepona Golf on the other side of the motorway which was finished in 2007.  There followed a new development built called Alcazaba Lagoon where there were 90 to 100 apartments built and finished in 2006.  In those Halcyon days before the recession hit, they were on the market for 300,000 Euros.  Then the market collapsed and the project abandoned.  However, it has now being finished and will be back on the market next spring.  By the lake they have now put sandy beaches and areas reserved for swimming.  There are plenty in South America, The Caribbean and the USA but it is the first one in Europe that has been built inland with a Chilean patent. Various watersports include wind-surfing and canoeing.
    They are also putting in a boutique hotel and other new blocks and apartments, having virtually sold out their off their pre-existing properties now since early this year.  Another established British developer has now bought land alongside Estepona Golf so when they start developing will also firmly establish Estepona Golf on the map.  Two other separate developments have also been built directly inland from The Hotel Fuerte Suites on the other side of the roundabout.  You have got a Mercadona, Aldi and a Burger King.  There is now a second golf course which is virtually now completed with buggy paths and ponds having been stopped in 2007 together with a number of villas and forty townhouses reaching completion which have now been put back on the market.  Up the hill from there is another development which was mothballed in 2007 and the development has now been relaunched early this year where they are selling steadily but are still waiting for the first occupation licence from the Town Hall.  They are good value and townhouses are starting at 170,000 for a three bedroom, two and a half bathrooms with a double garage close to the golf course.  Their value will obviously greatly increase in the next two or three years once the golf course has been finished.  This is definitely an area of enormous growth potential.
    The New Golden Mile
    There is also an area heading towards Estepona which has now being called the New Golden Mile which is the stretch of land that runs from San Pedro to Estepona.  The first houses were built along this by the Scandinavians.  Many people were very skeptical that they would achieve this but they did.  Right on the waterfront nearby The Kempinski Hotel.
    Sotogrande and Valderrama
    The other area which has great investment growth potential is Sotogrande as you can purchase a very good value villa there as opposed to one in Nueva Andalucía because the land is cheaper but it is also a short drive from the World Championship Golf Course - The Real Club Valderrama. The beaches are pleasant there but you can also play golf at Alcaidesa which is more affordable than Sotogrande or Valderrama but still within a short distance away from the latter which is attractive to discerning buyers wishing to see their capital rise over the coming years.  The rental potential is huge at it is home of 1997 Ryder Cup, home of 4 VOLVO Masters, two Amex Championships and has become the best golf club in Spain – an accolade indeed.  So each and every year, residents vacate their properties for the world championships and make more in rental to cover their mortgage for the following year if not two!
    Estepona and it’s surrounding areas are a massively interesting investment option
    In a nutshell the area around Estepona Golf has enormous investment potential because of the improvements that are now happening.  It is now become a great area with reasonable starting prices as of October 2016.  For instance near Duquesa Port just a few kilometres away from Estepona is widely regarded as one of the most attractive to yacht owners, residents and tourists alike, there is a new development called Residencial Duquesa in San Luis de Sabinillas where the developer has discounted the prices to sell them quickly and re-sales are now 70,000 for a 1 bed apartment or for a two bed, two bath with a garage space from 137-152,000 Euros depending on which floor.   Within walking distance of the port there are shops including Mercadona.  It is an affordable area.  It’s all about why people come here.  For weather, a relaxed lifestyle, cheaper dining and playing golf.
    On a final note as published recently in the Sur in English there was a London based property investment company who want to build five luxury villas in the Sierra Blanca area that they want to sell at 7 million each.  They are investing 25 million in costs tied up in five individual transactions.  They have convinced themselves because of the outstanding area that this is a sound investment.  It seems that throughout the Costa del Sol investors are being drawn to all the areas whether it is Marbella, Sierra Blanca, Estepona, Duquesa or Sotogrande purely because all these areas and the resurgence of the property market from the recession in 2006 has now become one of the most popular and attractive areas in Europe to see your property investments flourish.  There has never been a better time to buy here than now.
    Let Stand Marbella Real Estate find your perfect property from San Pedro de Alcantara right down to Sotogrande
    If the above information as appealed to you, let us find the right property for you. This website will give you a good idea of what is available and what prices are achievable; however there is nothing better than having the local experts do the hard work for you.
    you are looking to invest in a property on the Golden Mile, Estepona or further along the coast in Duquesa, Sotogrande or Valderrama, Standmarbella Real Estate is your one stop shop. Just call or email us and we take some detail down and head out on your personalized property search!